Your Medical Directives

We believe it is vitally important that everyone, regardless of age, have completed medical directives. Simply put we owe it to our loved ones and to ourselves. The best opportunity is right now…

Set-Up Your Medical Directives In Four Easy Steps

Select from Living Wills, Medical Power of Attorney, Proxy and additional forms from our forms library and download to your device.

See number 1 below for detailed information.

Fill out your forms selecting your choices for care, proxies and assigned representatives.

Print your final form.

For more specific information refer to number 2 below.

Get your signature either witnessed or verified by a notary public.

Make several copies of the finished forms.

For more specific information refer to number 3 below.

Leave a copy with your designated representative.

Scan or photograph the forms with your cell phone.

For more specific information refer to number 4 below.

  1. We have collected a number of forms for preparing your medical directives into an easy to use and download library. Decide what forms you want to use and if you want to use a notary or just two witnesses and download the appropriate selection.
  2. Once you have the appropriate form in your computer or device you can fill in the information using most current software capable of displaying pdf documents. Print the forms after you fill them out or you could simply print the forms and write in the information.
  3. Take your unsigned forms to a notary or have two witnesses attest to your signing. Make several copies of these documents.
  4. Leave originals with your designated representative, save additional copies in your records and make digital copies. For digital copies you can scan the pages or simply take photographs of the forms with your phone to send to a couple of family members or friends for use in an emergency. Those digital copies will normally be accepted as proof of your medical intentions by doctors and hospitals.

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